Strategic Plan

GDAI Strategic Plan 2019-2021


Gippsland Disability Advocacy Incorporated (GDAI) provides advocacy support, advice and referrals for people with disabilities.

GDAI Inc. was established in 1986, as Latrobe Citizen Advocacy, and is an independent, not-for-profit organisation which is committed to supporting and defending the rights and interests of people with disabilities. Since its inception, GDAI has become the largest, independent provider of advocacy services to people with a disability in the Gippsland region and advocates for hundreds of marginalised and disadvantaged people each year. We do this by matching individuals that are otherwise unable to access advice or support with a trained advocate. Through our casework we are also able to identify structural and systemic access to disability public interest issues which inform our policy activities.

GDAI is a community based Incorporated Association with full charity gift recipient status and is funded by the Department of Social Services and the Department of Health and Human Services to provide advocacy support, information and referral to specialist services as may be appropriate, to meet the needs of people with disability across the six regional local Government areas of Gippsland.

Organisational Values

  1. Human Rights
    Respecting, upholding and promoting the human rights of people at all times.
  2. Empowerment
    Supporting people with a disability to make their own decisions and choices.
  3. Respect for All
    Recognising and respecting that each person is a unique individual.
  4. Inclusive
    We welcome the diversity of the community.
  5. Independent
    A commitment to work without fear or favour for the community.

Mission Statement

To advocate, promote, and be responsive to the welfare, rights and interests of people with disabilities, and to build a more inclusive community.

Vision Statement

Through advocacy, people with disabilities are empowered to exercise their rights.

Goal 1: Responsive Advocacy Service

Use a continuous improvement approach to ensure a responsive advocacy service that;

  1. Listens to the story of the person with a disability.
  2. Engages in a flexible and meaningful way.
  3. Provides efficient and effective outcomes for each client.
  4. Undertakes proactive disability advocacy.
  5. Provides a quality service.
  6. Strives to meet demand.
  7. Demonstrates leadership.

Goal 2: Building Partnerships and Connections

Branching out to build our partnerships and community connections to;

  1. Enhance our positioning as leaders in Gippsland in disability advocacy.
  2. Maintain organisational sustainability.
  3. Support innovation and best practice.
  4. Optimising funding opportunities.

Goal 3: Our Team

Support and lead our staff (including voluntary) and Board to;

  1. Ensure the health and wellbeing of our team.
  2. Focus on continuous improvement and development of our team.
  3. Ensure we have the appropriate resources and technology in place.
  4. Ensure we continue to provide a safe and comfortable environment.

Goal 4: Community Engagement

Engage with the Community by;

  1. Building partnerships.
  2. Enhancing the organisation’s presence in the community and sector as leaders in disability advocacy.
  3. Increasing access and awareness of disability advocacy.
  4. Making a difference in individual and systemic advocacy.